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Посмотрите, как Bugatti Veyron моют на протяжении пяти часов


Николай Андреев


Владелец Bugatti Veyron Super Sport решил освежить свой 1200-сильный гиперкар и обратился в специализированную компанию. Её сотрудники решили поделиться своей работой со всеми и записали самое длинное в мире видео про детейлинг автомобиля. Да, оно идёт почти пять часов — советуем запастись попкорном.

We had this crazy idea to upload all of our video material we have on detailing the Bugatti Veyron. [INDEX IS BELOW] And we decided to just do it and upload the longest car detailing video there is on Youtube. Almost 5 hours of footage!!cIt is raw uncut video that shows almost everything we have done on this car. Please use the index below to watch your favourite section! Have fun watching :-) [Index] 0:00:00 - INTRO to this very long video 0:02:35 - BEFORE we work on this Bugatti we need to take off the old PPF and WASH this supercar 0:04:42 - CHECK what we need to do on paint correction 0:07:12 - POLISHING this car for many many many hours 0:50:50 - PPF is our best way to protect cars - Youri explains how we do this... 3:11:06 - INTERIOR cleaning to make sure the inside is as cool as the outside 3:31:02 - MODESTA coating is the premium coating we apply on our projects 4:36:12 - INRA-RED drying of the Modesta coating 4:38:24 - AMAZING end result: let's put this beautiful lady outside in the sun... [Music] All music by EpidemicSound: Celebration of Life - Tomas Skyldeberg When I Found Your Love - Tomas Skyldeberg The Reason Why I Shine - Tomas Skyldeberg We Can Be Fearless - Tomas Skyldeberg Peaches - Tomas Skyldeberg Lost a Little - Brendon Moeller Communion - Brendon Moeller [About us] Ride & Shine Detailing is one of the most luxurious Car Detailing Shops of the Netherlands and Europe We are specialists in paint corrections and Modesta paint protection glass and ceramic coatings. Our Paint Protection Film department is creating amazing paint protection installations with Suntek and Xpel ppf. Absolutely high levels of perfection. With our team we try to give our customers with the cars they own the utmost guest experience. With our detailing shop we a provide luxury surroundings with a Bowers and Wilkins Lounge where our guests can enjoy High End Sound experience and La Marzocco coffee brewed fresh from our coffee machine. We have a inhouse design studio were we design car wraps and amazing boat wraps. Also we plot our ppf designs to make sure we can do the best installation possible. Our workplace has a insane indoor washbay and 4 carlifts. We provide European and worldwide services. For more information visit www.rideandshinedetailing.nl We are also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RideShineDetailing And we are on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rideandshinedetailing

С Bugatti Veyron сняли старую защитную плёнку, отполировали кузов, нанесли новый слой плёнки, который затем дополнительно покрыли защитным покрытием. А после этого провели очень тщательную уборку салона и в конце показали готовый результат при солнечном свете.

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