Toyota Mega Cruiser: круче, чем ХАММЕР

В США попробовали повторить голивудский прыжок на машине. Вышло не очень

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В рамках проведения фестиваля Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals организаторы решили повторить трюк из фильма «Полицейский и Бандит» 1977 года, в котором Pontiac Trans Am эффектно перепрыгнул разрушенный деревянный мост. Для «сиквела» нашли аналогичное купе, но в качестве трамплина использовали металлическую рампу с более крутым подъёмом. Из-за этого трюк пошёл не по плану…

BEST FOOTAGE of the stunt!! Subscribe to WHIPBASH ! Smokey and the Bandit Jump Carlisle PA Have you ever wished that you could witness a famous stunt from a movie done in real life? Fans of “Smokey and the Bandit” will get that chance on June 22, when the Chevrolet Nationals event at the Carlisle Fairgrounds will present the Bandit Jump. The event will be held at 1 p.m. and feature the professional stunt drivers of the Northeast Ohio Dukes team re-creating the scene from the Burt Reynolds film, in which Bandit jumps his Pontiac Firebird Trans Am across a gap in a broken bridge. If you want to catch the event live, then head to the Chevrolet Nationals on June 22. The jump will take place at the National Parts Depot Showfield. Daily passes to the Chevrolet Nationals are $10, and VIP family four-packs come with reserved seating for the Bandit Jump for $69. PennLive will also be at the show, and you can follow our Facebook page for a live broadcast of the event from our vantage point. For details on the Chevrolet Nationals, visit the Carlisle Events website. 6-21-19 June 21 2019

А вот оригинальный прыжок 42-летней давности:

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