Севший электрокар зарядили прямо на перекрёстке

Старый Peugeot превратили в огнемёт с реактивным двигателем

Николай Андреев

Французская фирма Invader Jet Car установила в Peugeot 205 реактивный двигатель от самолёта СМ.170 Fouga Magister. Огромный мотор, сопло которого торчит из багажника хэтчбека, доработали, добившись двукратного увеличения мощности. Однако 2000-сильный однотонный автомобиль с забавной полицейской ливреей не рассчитан на установление рекордов. Его построили, чтобы развлекать посетителей различных фестивалей огромными языками пламени.

The FH Drag Team / Invader Jet Car were over from France for the Flame & Thunder Show at Santa Pod Raceway. It has purely been built for fun and to be used as a display/show vehicle. It uses a Turbomeca Marbore turbojet engine from a French Fouga Masgister. With a power of 1,000hp and a thrust of 600kg, boosted by a "post-combustion" device from Jaguar, bringing the total power to 2,000hp and a thrust to more than 1,000kg, and all mounted onto a Peugeot 205. More details can be found on their website - http://www.invaderjetcar.com Not something I usually film, but while the weather was bad at Santa Pod, and the track was shut for racing, I had a walk about. Few more videos to follow. Please like the videos, subscribe, check out my facebook page and contact me if you are looking for a video of your vehicle. I may just have one :) https://www.facebook.com/VeeDubRacing COPYRIGHT WARNING: You do not have permission to download and re-upload our videos anywhere in any form. You can click the share button on YouTube for that, or copy/paste the URL to social media

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