Chrysler 300С '57: в мире не было никого мощнее

Носорог уничтожил машину, приняв её за соперника

Николай Андреев

В немецком сафари-парке 30-летний белый носорог по прозвищу Кусини на­бросился на старень­кий Volkswagen Golf. Разъярён­ное животное несколько раз пере­вернуло авто­мобиль, сильно его повредив. За рулём находи­лась смотри­тель парка — она получила сотрясе­ние мозга и несколько синяков.

rhino attacks car ,amazing vídeo An enraged rhino attacked an animal keeper in her car at a German safari park, flipping it over three times. The shocking attack took place at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, a municipality in the German state of Lower Saxony and was filmed by a visitor. The rhino bull, named Kusini, 30, slammed his horns and body into the animal keeper's car before rolling it over. Despite the horrific attack, the zookeeper, who was driving a small hatchback painted with stripes, somehow emerged mostly unscathed, only sustaining a few bruises. Video by Igor Petrov. Seeing is believing in this one. As this rhino attacked this keeper's car at a safari park in Germany. The worker was bruised but not badly injured, the same cannot be said for the car though.

В чём была главная ошибка смотрительницы зоопарка?

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